Content Approval

Content Approval is a helpful feature to make sure the Community Activity Page remains social and positive. Enabling this feature allows Admin or Standard users to approve or deny posts made by residents before the post goes live. This article will walk you through how to enable Content Approval and how to approve or deny content.


Enabling Content Approval

Step 1

Go to My Dashboard > Application Settings > Modules & Features > Toggle Content Approval 'On'. You are able to choose your desired settings on the left that apply to all residents and/or you can choose to apply Content Approval to select units. Click 'Save Changes' located at the bottom on the page.

Please note: The ability to enable Content Approval is an Admin only function.


Approve or Deny Content

Step 1

When a resident creates a post, they will receive a response letting them know their post will be reviewed shortly by staff before it appears on the Community Activity Page. Staff will receive a new content pending approval notification (if opted in in notification settings). When they login to the portal they will also see an alert pop up letting them know there are items pending approval.

Step 2

Standard and Admin level staff users can approve or deny content under My Dashboard > Content Approval > select status approve or deny. The resident will receive a notification either way letting them know the content has been approved or denied. If denied, you will have the ability to include a reason for denial in the notification that goes to the resident. 

Step 3

If content is approved, it will appear on the wall in real-time.



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