Navigating Your Login Page (Staff)

This article will explain the buttons and functions available to users on the login URL specific to your community portal.

  • Login credentials (red box) are entered in the two text boxes on the left hand side of the login URL page. The top box is for the user’s email address and bottom box is used to enter the account password. A user can request a password reset link by clicking on the ‘Forgot’ button in the password text box. Please note the reset link can only be emailed to an email alias already registered in the portal. 
  • The Helpful Links bar (green box) can be managed in the Community Links section of the portal. You can add up to 5 links to the login URL. 
  • The 'New User? Get Started Now' button (black box) has functionality for providing resident access to the portal regardless of any integration issues with your property management software.

Do you need to add an ActiveBuilding login widget to your own property website? Click here for additional information about how to add that. If your property purchased the LeaseStar product through RealPage, ActiveBuilding will automatically redirect from your marketing website. Please contact or your RealPage sales rep for more information.



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