Registration Process (Staff)


In order for staff to register their account, they will need to be invited in the Staff Management section of the portal by an admin user. This article will outline what the registration process looks like for staff.

Step 1

When a new Staff User is invited to create an account via email, they will receive this invitation and simply need to follow the "Click Here to Get Started" button.

Step 2

This will take them to a page where they need to choose if they are a new user or already have an existing account. 

If they already have an existing account, they will select I have an Existing Account at another ActiveBuilding Portal and enter their username and password that was created for their ActiveBuilding account. Once registered in multiple properties, they can switch between portals in their Account settings by selecting the property under Switch to.

Step 3

If the user is a new user, they will select I am a New User and fill out steps 1-3. 

Once you click Continue your account has officially been created and you can access the portal at any point. However, you will be automatically be taken to Step 2 and Step 3 where you can fill out your personal information.

If you choose to skip these steps, you have the option to edit this information within your account at any point.



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