Re-Inviting Unregistered Residents

This article will walk you through how to re-invite unregistered residents. This action is extremely useful in helping drive adoption for your ActiveBuilding community portal, and will help you get your residents registered that may have missed the first round of invitations.  

Click here for instructions on Re-inviting a single resident

Step 1

To re-invite all residents who have an email address in the portal, but have not yet registered, go to My Dashboard > Resident Management:


Step 2 

Select Reinvite Residents from the Resident Action drop down bar:


Step 3

You'll then be able to select if you want to resend email invitations or print paper invitations:


For OneSite Resident Sync users, you will see the image below when re-inviting residents. You only have the option to resend the invites via email. 


Re-inviting an individual resident

Step 1

To reinvite a single resident who has not yet registered, go to My Dashboard > Resident Management


Step 2 

Type in the resident's name or unit number in the "Filter by name or Unit" box below the Resident Action drop down bar. Click on the resident's name, and then click the "Re-send Invite" button. 




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