Creating Events

Does your community have parties, group workout classes, or resident recognition days? If so, you can use ActiveBuilding's Event functionality to help save time and resources while also ensuring everyone knows about your event!

In addition to resident events, you can also create an event that is staff only. Staff only events are great for organizing meetings and can also be used to schedule team building activities. 

Creating Resident Event

Step 1

Click the "an update" text in the create post area and then select "an event" in the drop down menu.

Step 2

Enter the name of your event, a short description of what's happening, enter the date, time, how often the event occurs (if recurring), and add a relevant attachment such as a flyer or picture.

"Allow residents to sign up for this event" can also be selected allowing you to limit the number of guests who can join your event.  This is helpful for planning purposes as well as ensuring maximum occupancy doesn't become an issue.

After selecting "Create Event" the event information will be posted to the Community Activity area and the Events calendar.

Creating Staff Event

Step 1

To add a Staff Event, navigate to the Staff Center by going to My Dashboard, then select "an Event" from the Post drop down menu in the Staff Center.

Step 2

Next, fill out the basic information about the event: Title, Description, Date, Time (option for all day event), RSVP, Reoccurring. You can also attach a file to the event. Once this information is filled out, click create event.


Step 3

Once the event is created it will not only show up on the Staff Center wall, but also on the right navigation bar which shows the upcoming staff events.




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