Editing Email Address of an Unregistered Resident

This article will explain how to send a new registration email to a brand new email alias for a resident that is not currently associated to their resident profile.

Important note for OneSite users - if the best email alias for the resident is listed on their Resident Profile in OneSite, please click here for instruction on how to update ActiveBuilding with the same info that is listed in OneSite.

In the event that a resident needs to receive a registration email to a different email alias than what is currently listed on their resident profile in ActiveBuilding, follow the instructions below.

Step 1

From the 'My Dashboard' dropdown menu click on 'Resident Management'

Step 2 

Find the resident in reference by typing their name into the search bar below the 'Resident Action' dropdown or by using the vertical scrollbar until they are visible. Click the 'Re-send Invite' button.

 Step 3

You can now edit the text field respective to the email alias for the resident. Click the 'Invite' button to send the resident in reference a registration email to the updated alias. This will also update the listed email alias for the resident on their resident profile.


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