Registered vs. Un-Registered Residents

This article will describe the how to determine the registration status of a resident. A resident has to register their account before they can access the portal to make a payment, submit a work order, or engage with fellow residents and staff.

To determine the specific registration status of a resident please follow the instructions outlined below:

Step 1

From the 'My Dashboard' dropdown menu click on 'Resident Management'

Step 2

Find the resident in reference by typing their name into the search bar below the 'Resident Action' dropdown or by using the vertical scrollbar until they are visible.

  • If the resident has a dark silhouette of a person with a white question mark to the right of their name they are unregistered. 
  • Residents without that icon have successfully registered

If the resident in reference needs a new email invitation or if you need to send new invitations to all currently unregistered residents, please click here

If the resident in reference needs a new email invitation sent to a different email address then the currently listed alias, please click here


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