Using Staff Center

Staff Center offers a number of tools to help you communicate with your team allowing everyone to stay in the know.  You can post to the wall to share the latest community news with your staff, use Quick Resident Lookup to find a phone number, and use Reminders to follow-up on packages that have been in your office for too long.

Post an Update

In the Staff Center you can post to the Staff Activity wall to say hi to your teammates and share the latest news at your community so everyone is in the know. All information in Staff Center is only able to be viewed by staff.

To post to the Staff Center Wall, select the post drop down arrow in the tan box and choose what you would like to post to the Staff Center wall. The options to post are: an update, a task, an event, a marketplace item, a recommendation or a poll. Once an item to post is selected from the post drown down arrow, click post.

Creating & Completing a Task

1.) To create a task, choose to post "a task" from the drop down list in the post box. Fill in a description of the task, a date and who it's assigned to. Click Post.

2.) An email notification will be sent to the team member the task was assigned to. When they next log into the portal they will be notified that there is a task assigned to them. The pending task will also show up in the Staff Center reminders section to all staff.

3.) To complete the task, the team member will click Complete Task.

Quick Resident Lookup

To look up a resident in the portal from Staff Center, click on Quick Resident Lookup and type the resident's name or unit # into the Resident Lookup box. The information should automatically fill in after typing a couple of numbers or letters.


The Reminders section is made up of Open Maintenance Requests, Amenity Reservations Pending Approval, Packages in Storage Pending, Pending Content Approval and Pending Tasks. The reminders sections will also let you know how many of these items have been open, pending, or in storage for more than 7 days.

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