Staff User Access Levels

There are 3 different staff user access levels: Admin, Standard and Limited. Each access level has different permissions designed to accommodate every staff user.


Admin User: Unlimited access including Application Settings, Staff Management, ability to delete activity posts and approve/deny content when content approval is turned on.

Standard User: No access to Application Settings, Staff Management. 

Limited User: Ability to access operational features (such as Package Tracking) and to view resident contact information. Additionally, Limited Users do not have access to the following:

- Messaging: Unable to post to Community Activity or send Messages to residents by group (can only send to staff groups). They also cannot view or approve/deny content when content approval is turned on.

- Editing: No editing powers including adding/removing Documents, updating General Info, deleting posts, changing resident contact info or sending email invites.

- Amenity Reservations: Able to reserve amenities with pending status, unable to approve/change status of amenity reservations.

Tip: To edit an existing staff member's user access log in and go to My Dashboard > Staff Management > Edit Manager.

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