Resolving Payment Error 'This Service Is Currently Unavailable'

Resident Issue: I clicked ‘Make A Payment,’ and instead of seeing the PIN screen, I received an error message saying the service is currently unavailable. 


Solution #1: A possible cause is that the resident does not have an email address stored in OneSite. Enter OneSite and add the residents email address. 


Solution #2: The most likely reason is that the resident has ‘online rent payments’ disabled on their Resident Profile tab within OneSite.


Solution #3: Another possibility is the resident could have the incorrect resmID in ActiveBuilding. In this case you would need to check to see if the resmID is incorrect under My Dashboard > Resident Management > Corporate ID. If the resmID is incorrect (check the Contact Level Details Report in OneSite), please contact 

Solution #4: Lastly, it could be a setting in the properties crossfire rent payment settings. If you get this error, please contact RealPage Product Support at to help troubleshoot this error.


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