Setting Staff Service Request Notifications (OneSite users)

This article will explain how to manage the emails listed to receive service request notifications for portals that manage service requests via the RealPage Service Request integration. This information is managed in the CrossFire section of OneSite and a user must have the appropriate OneSite permissions to access. 

If a staff user would like to add, edit, or delete the email addresses set to receive service request notifications they can do so from the following instructions: 

Step 1

Log into OneSite and select the 'CrossFire' tab from the dropdown menu in the upper left.


Step 2

Go to Crossfire Residents > Online service request > Online service request settings.


Step 3

Emails listed in the 'Email address to receive service request (separated by semicolons)' will receive notifications. Emails can be added and deleted from this field.


Step 4

Click the check mark icon in the upper right of the 'Online Service Request Settings' section to save any changes.

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