Staff Messaging Groups

By joining a user to one or more messaging groups, that user can be more easily identified and added as a recipient of direct messages by residents.

Step 1

To add a staff user to a messaging group, first go to the My Dashboard tab > Staff Management.


Step 2

Select the staff user who is being added  to a messaging group and click Edit Manager.


Step 3

Assign to a messaging group and click save changes.



Step 4 

When a resident composes a message they can select from a list what group of staff users they want to message. The options are Front Desk, Leasing, Maintenance, Management and Resident Services. Once they select a group in the "To:" box all the staff users who belong to that group will populate. 


 Step 5

 This is what a message from a resident  to a group of staff users will look like from the staff users profile.


Step 6

Each staff member of that group will receive the message via email, and it will also be displayed in their Community Portal's Inbox.

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