Installing USB Electronic Signature Pad

To install a USB Electronic Signature Pad on a computer, you need to have administrative rights on that computer otherwise the installation will begin but will not be able to complete.

Step 1

Trigger the installation by prompting the signature capture feature. Example: Go to sign out a package or sign in a guest.

Step 2

Run the executable file (sigplusbasic.exe).

Step 3

An installation wizard will begin. Click the "Next" button on the first screen of the installation wizard.

Step 4

Select the first two letters of your signature pad's model number then click Ok.


Step 5 

Select your signature pad's model number, then click Ok.


Step 6

Select your connection type, then click OK.


Step 7

Read the Terms & Conditions then click Agree.

Step 8

If your installation completed successfully, click the Finish button.


Step 9

When prompted to restart your computer click the Ok button.


Having trouble with your signature pad? Click here for the Signature Pad Troubleshooting Guide.

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