Setting Package Storage Location

This article will explain how to manage different package stations from the Package Management module. If you have multiple places where residents can pick up packages the Package Tracking module will allow you to add, edit, and delete package stations depending on your specific property setup.

Step 1

Go to My Dashboard > Application Settings > Modules & Features > Package Management > Add Station > Click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the page. Please note: You need to have admin access to make these changes

Step 2

After you have saved the stations, you are able to log packages added to that station by selecting it from the Station Filter dropdown menu. Only one station can be logged at a time. Additionally, the notifications that get sent automatically to residents will indicate which station their package can be picked up from.

Here is an example of the notification email indicating the specific package station for the recipient:


To edit the package station or delete the station you will need to return to the Module & Features tab of the Application Settings section of the portal. Hover the mouse over the current station name until the red 'x' (click this to confirm deletion of station selected) and yellow pencil icon (click this to change the name of the package station selected) appear. 

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