Adding and Managing Active Packages

This article will give you step by step instructions for signing (logging) in and out packages using the Package Tracking Module. 

Logging in a Package

Logging Out a Package

Logging in a Package

Step 1 

Go to My Dashboard > Package Tracking > Add Packages.

Step 2

Select your package type, unit/resident, scan the tracking number (or input manually). Repeat this process for each package under the given package type. 

Note: You are able to choose to log the package by unit or by resident. If you choose 'All Residents in Unit' a notification will be sent to all of the residents associated with that unit. Alternatively, you can log the package under the resident's name and only the selected resident will receive a notification.

Step 3

Once you have completed the form with the packages you are logging, click "Submit", and your residents will automatically be notified of their packages and these new packages will appear in the Active Packages list.

Does your property log packages in multiple locations? Click here to view instructions on how to add stations.

Logging Out a Package

Step 1

Go to My Dashboard > Package Tracking > Active Packages. Please note: You are able to toggle between list and icon view highlighted in the picture below.

Step 2

You are able to search for the package by unit number, resident name, package type, or tracking number. Once you have located the package you want to log out, click 'Sign Out'.

Step 3

Complete the pop-up Sign Out form and, if applicable, have the resident sign the signature pad. Click Submit then this package will be moved out of the Active Packages list and into the Archive.


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