Troubleshooting USB Electronic Signature Pad

There are a few quick and easy ways to troubleshoot your signature pad once it has been installed. If your signature pad has not been installed, click here. You may also troubleshoot your signature pad by testing the signature functionality here.

Step 1

Make sure that the signature requirement box is checked in your ActiveBuilding Application Settings under the Modules and Features tab. There are several modules with the ability to require a signature with the signature pad.


Step 2

If the box is checked in Step 1, try plugging your signature pad into a different USB slot to make sure the issue is not with the USB slot you are currently using.

Step 3

To make sure it is not an issue with the browser, ensure you are using the latest version of your browser of choice. 

Step 4

If there is not a different computer or browser to test on, you will want to uninstall the Topaz software on your computer's Control Panel > Restart your computer > Re-install Topaz software > Restart your computer.

Step 5

If the problem still persists it could be because of a couple reasons. The signature pad is broken, please contact the manufacturer of the device to check on warranty. Alternatively, the IT settings on computer could be toggled to not allow the signature pad to be installed. Please reach out to whomever manages IT at the property for further assistance. 


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