Posting a Poll

This article will explain how a resident or staff user can post a poll to an activity wall within the portal based on their account permissions. Polls are a great way to keep residents engaged as well as to get insight from them on any potential changes at the property that would affect them. Voting on polls is anonymous which is another reason contributing to their ability to be useful and fun.

Step 1

To create a poll click the post type dropdown menu and select 'a poll'. 

Step 2 

Once you have selected this type of update the following form will populate. Upon completing the form click the 'Post' button. After you have posted your poll you will not be able make any further changes. You can have anywhere from 3 to 5 answer options. 

Step 3

Once your poll is published it will appear on the respective activity wall where users can vote by clicking on the answer option they feel is best.

Step 4

Once an answer option has been selected, the quantitative count and percentage breakdown of that option will update on screen to give the user insight into how other answer options are doing. 

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