Posting a Marketplace Item

This article will explain how a resident or staff user can publish a marketplace post in the ActiveBuilding portal. Marketplace posts are intended to advertise you are selling or looking to acquire an item. They are a great way for residents to manage surplus furniture and other items when they move in and out of your property. 

Step 1

Marketplace item posts can be published to any activity wall (community activity wall, staff center wall, or group activity wall). On the Post bar click on the post type dropdown menu and select 'a marketplace item'

Step 2

Fill out the corresponding text fields per the specifics of your item(s) and whether you are looking to sell or acquire the item. Click the 'Post' button to publish that to the activity wall. 


When other users comment on any marketplace item post the user who made the post will also receive an additional notification to their account email address. This additional notification is intended to help expedite the transaction.

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