Joining and Posting to Interest Groups

Residents and staff have the ability to join interest groups within ActiveBuilding to communicate and share things with people who have similar hobbies. Once you've joined a group you can post updates, recommendations, and polls to the group wall.  

Step 1

To view all the interest groups in your community go to 'My Groups' > 'All Groups'. You can also access 'Groups' from the navigation bar on the left side of the home page below Quick Links.

Step 2

To join a group simply click 'Join' next to the group that interests you.

Step 3

From the Community Activity wall members of interests groups can choose to post to one of the interest groups they belong to. Residents can only see wall posts for interest groups they belong to on the Community Activity wall. When a post is published to a group wall only residents and staff users that have joined the group will receive a notification. Staff users can see posts on the Community Activity wall for any interest group even if they do not belong to the group.

Step 4

Portal users have the ability to join groups during the registration process. Users can join more groups from the 'Interests' section of the 'Edit profile' page.

Step 5

Under 'Interests' you can select more interests which will automatically add you to other interest groups.

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