Syncing Residents from OneSite into ActiveBuilding

Only current residents have access to all that ActiveBuilding offers. Current residents with emails in OneSite and who are marked correctly receive email invites the following morning they are added in OneSite. To get access the same day they are added in OneSite, see instructions below:

Step 1

Residents can get access to the portal the day their email is added in OneSite or are added as a current resident by going to the login page for their portal. Simply click on the 'New user? Get started now' button on the right. 


Step 2

Enter information exactly as it appears on leasing documents in OneSite.


Step 3

If the information matches the resident will receive an email invite to register. Note: Unregistered residents in ActiveBuilding can also re-send their email invite this way.


Step 4

Current residents can only access this workflow if they have an email, are marked as an occupant in OneSite and they cannot be a minor, cosigner or gaurantor.

There are a few places staff need to go to check to see if the resident is marked correctly. First, you will want to search for the resident in the Residents tab and select 'View' to the left of the residents name you are searching for. Also note the status of the resident on the right - it must be current.

Next, you will want to select 'Edit' to the left of the residents name on the next screen that pops up.

Finally, another screen will appear with general information. The General information tab will have their email, if they are marked as an occupant and you can also check to make sure they are not marked as a co-signer or guarantor.

The last step is to check their age. To do this, select the Demographics tab. Residents must be at least 18 years or older or their age can be left blank.







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