Integration with Yardi Service Request Interface

ActiveBuilding can now be integrated with Yardi! By enabling this feature you will be able to seamlessly manage work orders/maintenance requests and automate communicating with your residents every step of the way.

Call your Yardi tech support. 

Please have your Yardi pin available, and ask for the following:

  • Upgrade your Plugin interface to version 16 or above (the support team will help you review what other workflows are being used to determine if anything else might be impacted by the upgrade).

  • Configure the properties you want to use with the interface and create the interface user account. You will need the interface URL, user name, and password for the steps below so make sure to note them down.
If the Yardi technical support person is not familiar with implementing a new interface vendor, they can escalate to the Interfaces team for assistance.

Next, in your ActiveBuilding portal:

Step 1

After the interface for ActiveBuilding has been installed, within your AB portal go to My Dashboard > Application Settings > Integration > Enterprise Integrations, and select Yardi Service Request Interface.  

Step 2

Complete the form with the information supplied by Yardi, and be sure to click save.

 Important Note: Make sure all your service request categories are available in Yardi. The moment you enable the integration, the service categories within ActiveBuilding will be replaced with the list configured in Yardi.

Please contact if you have any questions or need assistance.

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