Resident Satisfaction Surveys

Resident Satisfaction Surveys give you and your team great insight on feedback from your residents. This allows you to identify and continue the great things you are already doing, while allowing you to address resident concerns head on and keep your community a positive place to live. 

Step 1

To enable Resident Satisfaction Surveys go to My Dashboard > Application Settings > Modules and Features > Toggle the 'On' switch for Resident Satisfaction Surveys. Click save at the bottom of the Modules and Features page. 

You can customize the cycle duration (60, 90 or 120 days) and the ability to send out the survey as an email notification after 7 days.




Click Preview Survey (above image) to view from a resident's perspective (below images).

Step 2

Once you have finished selecting your settings scroll to the bottom on the page and click 'Save Changes'.

Step 3

Under My Dashboard, click Resident Satisfaction to view the survey results for the last 30 days.

Step 4

In the upper left corner is your 30 Day Satisfaction Score. Below the score is a break down of your rating by your Detracting, Passive, and Supporting residents with individual resident scores and comments listed below that. Your satisfaction score is calculated by subtracting your % Detractors from your % Supporters. The scores go from -100 to 100. You can click on the Detractor, Passive, or Supporters text to filter down for those specific categories.

Step 5

To receive survey feedback in real-time, you can opt in to receiving notifications in your Account > Personal Settings > Notifications Settings > check box for Resident Satisfaction Survey submission by residents > save changes.


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