Creating an Announcement for Portal and Lobby Display Screen

Posting announcements to your portal and/or to your Lobby Display Screen is a great way to keep your residents informed of important community specific updates.


Step 1

To post an announcement, access the homepage of your Community Portal and click "Manage" in the Announcements box on the right hand side of the portal.


Step 2

Here you will see all active and expired announcements, and can add a new announcement:


Step 3 

You have the option of posting your announcement to just your portal website, or to your portal and your lobby display screen.  There is a 140 character limit for announcements. Please note: when you post an announcement to your lobby display screen, only the announcement TITLE will scroll on the bottom of the screen.

If your announcement is time sensitive, you can set an expiration date so the announcement will no longer be visible to residents (for events, office closures, rent reminders, etc.). Make sure to set the expiration date for the day after your event, closure, etc. Ex: If you have a movie showing on 5/31, set the announcement expiration date for 6/01.



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