Chromebox Setup Instructions for Lobby Display Screen

If the device has been logged into, even once, you will need to wipe it (not powerwash, full instructions here: before proceeding. If no one has ever logged into the device, you can proceed to the following steps:

  1. At the login screen, press Ctrl + Alt + K. At the Enable Kiosk Mode dialog box, press Enable, then OK.
  2. Log into the device with a Google account (do not use the Guest account), open Google Chrome, and go to the URL chrome://extensions.
  3. Check the Developer Mode checkbox, then press Add kiosk application.
  4. In the Add kiosk application textbox, enter this ID, and press Enter on your keyboard:  afhcomalholahplbjhnmahkoekoijban
  5. In the list of Kiosk Applications, hover your mouse over the Kiosk Application (by Zebradog), and press Set to auto-launch.
  6. The first time Kiosk launches it will ask for a URL; enter the client’s LDS URL.

We do not advise putting the Chromebox into the “Permanently keep this device in kiosk mode” at this time until the client install is finalized and no additional changes need to be made to the device.

After these steps are completed, restarting the Chromebox will take you to the login screen where a new Kiosk application menu will be available in the lower nav bar.  Click the “Kiosk” application in this menu to start  it and load the LDS view.

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