Resident User Types for Condos & Coops

MyBuilding offers a few different Resident User Types:

  • On-site Owners: owners that currently live on-site
  • Off-site Owners: owners that do not live on-site.  The off-site owners may or may not have tenants
  • On-site Board Members: owners that live on-site and also serve on the Board
  • Off-site Board Members: owners that live off-site and also serve on the Board
  • Tenants: residents living on-site, but that do not own

Why is this important?

  • Documents: managers can post documents with specific target groups. 
  •  Ex.  Building Financials (only viewable by Board Members & Owners) vs. House Rules (viewable by all- Board Members, Owners, & Tenants)
  • Board Members have added functionality
  •  Ex.  Board Members can manage building documents, post announcements, send building-wide messages, receive messages sent to the Board, and manage community events
  • Off-site Owners have different permissions & notifications  


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