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This article will explain the staff-focused features of ActiveBuilding's Community Activity wall which serves as the resident landing page when resident log into their account. When a staff user logs into the portal they are redirected to the Staff Center. To access the Community Activity wall click on the 'My Community' dropdown and then on the 'Activity' option. 

Below is a screen shot of the Community Activity wall with features indicated by colored boxes. Descriptions of specific features can be found below the screen shot. 

  • Community Activity (black box) is a wall of updates from residents and staff; including events, marketplace items, recommendations and polls. Registered users can subscribe to the daily activity digest email which provides at-a-glance insight into posts made for that day. Additionally, staff can push posts to Facebook and Twitter to avoid double posting.
  • Quick Links (red box) are your useful tools for the site (also found under My Dashboard dropdown menu at top). The specific Quick Links options are based off of the module configuration for your portal. The Quick Links bar will remain visible regardless of where a staff user goes within the portal.
  • Groups  (orange box) are interest groups that you have joined (also found under My Groups dropdown menu at top). Instead of posting to the entire community, users can post content directly to the wall of an interest group that they belong to.
  • Announcements/Upcoming Events (yellow boxes) are an overview of what is going on in the community and can also be posted to your Lobby Display Screen for ActiveBuilding. Click here to learn more about events or here for announcements.
  • Featured Links (green box) is where you can have up to three links visible to residents that will redirect to the respective URLs when clicked.
  • Chat (light blue box) allows you to communicate with other staff and residents who are also online. Click here to learn more about live chat.
  • Support Tab/Help (blue box) is found on left side of the screen under Support or in the upper right corner under Help and allows you to search FAQs or submit a support ticket. Click here for information about Support.
  • Account Settings (purple box) is where you can change your settings. Located in the upper right corner under the Account link you can access Notification SettingsPrivacy Settings and your Account Settings to change name or email.


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