Sending Messages

The ability to communicate with residents either individually or in larger groups is a key feature of ActiveBuilding.  By using messaging in ActiveBuilding, you cut down on the time and resources spent distributing printed notices and fielding calls as well as walk-in questions.  Messages go out in real-time. This article will show you how to send a message to either an individual or a group using either a message you write or a template. Information on creating templates can be found here. This article will also show how to add a caller ID number for outbound voice notifications and go over how to view a message delivery report which is useful to make sure 100% of the residents in ActiveBuilding are reached.

Sending a Message

Adding Caller ID Number for Voice Notifications

Message Delivery Report

Sending a Message

1.)  The quickest way to send a message is to select "Send a Message" in Quick Links on the left side of the screen.  

    You can also go to My Dashboard, select Messages, then click Compose Message. 

2.)  Either route will bring up the Compose Message Screen.  You'll notice that the layout presented here is very similar to a standard email.

3.)  Enter who your message is going to.  You can choose to manually enter one or multiple residents/units or choose a Group.  Groups allow you to send a message to the entire community, just registered/unregistered users, a single building/floor/line, or select just the residents who are pet owners.  If entering manually, the system recognizes what you're typing and starts filtering results based on your input.

4.)  After entering the resident, unit, or group that the message will be going to, type your subject or choose to use a template.  Information on templates and how to create/edit them can be found here.

5.)  If you're not using a template, type your message in the Message field then select Advanced Delivery options or simply click Send.  

Advanced Delivery Options provide the ability to have your message sent as a text message (SMS) or read over a phone call.  We recommend using these two functions when your message is more urgent.  You can also share messages to your social media channels if they've been integrated with ActiveBuilding.  


 6.)  After making your Advanced Delivery Options selections, click Send and you're done!


Click here to see watch a video tutorial on how to send a message.


Adding Caller ID Number for Voice Notifications

1.)  To configure your Caller ID number, if you'd like your phone number to be displayed when a voice notification is sent out, go to My Dashboard > Application Settings. Under the General tab, in the Communication Settings box, click Verify Caller ID.

2.)  Then enter the property's phone number and an extension if applicable.


3.)  When you are ready to verify the Caller ID number, and will be able to pick up the phone, click Call Number.


4.)  The system will then call you and prompt you to enter verification code displayed on your screen.

Message Delivery Report

1.)  To view the message delivery report go to the My Dashboard tab and select Messages.


2.)  Select Compose Message.


3.)  From the Compose your message pop up fill out the information. You can choose to send it to individual residents or a group of residents. Once all the information is filled out click Send. Click here for more information on sending messages.


 4.)  After you send the message, a message delivery report will pop up. It will show you how many messages were delivered. It will also tell you how many units did not receive the message because they do not have an active email address in the system or there are no residents in the unit. Additionally, there's an option to Generate a Printable PDF for Undelivered Messages or View Delivery Report by clicking on either link. Note: The residents will not see this notification pop up when they send a message. There is also no message delivery report when a staff member sends another staff member a message.


5.)  Once you click on the link to Generate a Printable PDF for Undelivered Messages, a PDF will open with a printable personalized message by unit number and it will also include the residents name if they do not have an active email address. 


6.)  If you click on the link to View Delivery Report you will be able to see all the residents the message was sent to as well as all the units with no email in the system or the emails that were delivered to spam. It can take within 3 hours for a message to be marked as spam.


7.)  From the staff member's Sent mail you can also view the delivery report.




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