Navigating Your Lobby Display Screen Settings

The Lobby Display Screen (LDS) is a specialized web view for your ActiveBuilding portal that is designed for large TV screens in your building lobby. It displays community information such as package tracking, community eventsannouncements and any other images or info you customize. 

Display Settings allows staff to change the refresh rate or theme of LDS by clicking into the refresh rate drop down or directly into the theme. In the upper right corner you can preview the LDS by selecting View Lobby Screen.

Once you select View Lobby Screen (above) packages and custom/defaults slides will rotate in the main part of the screen. Announcements in the bottom left and events in the bottom right.

Package Settings is where staff can choose icon size and color as well as the LDS privacy settings. Here you are able to hide specific units from appearing on the LDS by adding the unit number to the list.


Slide Settings will showcase default and custom slides on your LDS. To select a default slide highlight a slide by clicking into it, or hide by undoing. To add a custom slide select Add New Slide [+] in the Custom Slide section at the bottom of the screen. Slides should be JPEG, GIF or PNG format and sized 1783 x 508 pixels. You can also select a start or end date.

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