Creating and Editing Outbound System Notifications

Editable outbound system emails means that you can change the look and phrasing used in emails generated from ActiveBuilding.  Examples of editable notifications would be the invitation email sent to new users and the email confirming that a service request has been received. In the System Notifications section admin users can add and edit message templates.

Viewing System Notification Templates

Editing Notification Templates

Creating Message Templates

Viewing System Notification Templates

1.) Navigate to My Dashboard and select Application Settings


2.)  Click on the System Notifications tab and you'll be taken to a page showing all current outbound system notification emails.  

3.)  Clicking Preview will allow you to see the email notification as it appears to the recipient.  Anything surrounded by brackets will be filled in by the system. We encourage you to not change these as it can impact the template's ability to function normally.  

Editing Notification Templates

1.)  After landing on the System Notification page in Application Settings, click Edit next to the template that you'd like to change.

2.)  The Edit Welcome Email window will open and you can change the text.  While you can edit everything in the body of the message, we recommend that you not change any item in brackets [ ].  These items are filled by the system so changing them can impact the template from working normally.

3.)  Once finished select Save Changes.  You can also bring back the original text of the template by selecting Restore Default Template.


Click here to see a video tutorial on changing outbound system email notifications.

Creating Message Templates

1.)  First, to create a message template you must be an admin user in the portal. To create a template, go to My Dashboard > Application Settings > System Notifications > select Add Message Template.


2.)  Create a message template by filling out the Subject and Body fields, then click Save.


3.)  To use a template, compose a message and select a Template from the list. The template will populate the Subject and Message fields. Make sure the To field is filled out and click Send.


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