Logging In & Registering (Residents)

This article will take you through the log-in page and the process of registering as a new resident user.

The user will want to navigate to the portal's web address.  In most cases the web address for the community portal is

New Users

New users can receive an email invitation to register two ways:  

  1. System Generated Email:  This is the most common method of being invited to the portal.  Residents will receive an email inviting them to complete the registration process.  This invitation is generated and sent by the system when  synced.  Most syncs occur every day around 5 AM based on the time zone of the property.

The automated email invitation is shown below.  Users will click the Get Started button and be directed to the registration form.  


2. New User Form

There may be times when a resident needs access to ActiveBuilding before your management software automatically syncs with ActiveBuilding.  Residents can self-serve and gain access by going to your portal URL and clicking New User.

Residents will be prompted to complete the form below.  The information must be exactly as it appears in your management software.

Following a correct match of information, the resident will receive the email invite to register for ActiveBuilding.  


Existing Users 

Existing users can enter their email address and password then select the Log In button.  An existing user can also select the Forgot button in the password field to reset their password.  More information on that can be found here.


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