Navigating Your Enterprise Dashboard

In addition to admin, standard and limited staff users there are enterprise staff users. These are typically for corporate level employees who do not work onsite. There are two types of enterprise users:

Admin User: Unlimited staff admin access to any portal at the company, the ability to add other enterprise users, plus access to the enterprise dashboard.

Standard User: Unlimited staff admin access to select portals at the company, plus access to the enterprise dashboard.

Note: Enterprise users do not have an inbox for messages, however they can send messages and receive messages from users that reply to their sent messages. Enterprise users are also unable to use ActiveBuilding apps at this time.

Login to the Enterprise Dashboard at or through any of the property portals that they have access to.


There are 3 main parts to the enterprise dashboard: Activity, Communities and Usage Details.


The Activity tab will display the activity wall and summary details. Notice you can sort the activity wall by specific posts by residents or staff under 'View' or by property by selecting 'Posts In' in the upper left corner. Users can also view a summary for features by a specific time range (past week, 30, 60 or 90 days) in the upper right corner under 'Past Week'. Additionally, there are alerts which will show which properties are not using core features or if staff are not logging in.


The Communities tab will show stats by company at the stop and by property at the bottom.

Resident Registration: The percent of total residents that are registered.

Unit Registration: The percent of total units that are registered. As long as one resident in a unit is registered that counts as 100% registration for that unit. Unit registration also includes unoccupied units.

Unit Occupancy: The percent of units that are occupied.

Total Unit Reach: The percent of units that have at least one email for an occupied unit. The resident that has the email does not need to be registered.

At the bottom, users are able to login to property portals by selecting 'LOG IN' to the right of the property name.


The Usage Details tab will show Module Usage and Usage Metrics by feature.


Enterprise Settings such as their picture, name, email and password can be changed in the upper right corner.

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