Specific Time Range Setup for Service Requests (OneSite and Other Users)

If your property would like to allow residents and staff to select a specific time range for their permission to enter options they can now choose to do so!

Step 1 (For OneSite users)

OneSite users will need to enable time ranges in OneSite because of the integration between OneSite Facilities and ActiveBuilding. If users try to add/edit a specific time range in ActiveBuilding you will not be able to change. 

Step 2 (For non-OneSite users)

If your property uses a property management software solution other than OneSite and you want to setup a time range for your service requests, go to My Dashboard > Application Settings > Modules & Features > Service Requests. Make sure that Allow permission to enter optionsAllow residents to request a specific date, and Allow residents to request a specific time range are selected. Next, select the link 'a specific time range'.

Step 3

To add a new time range, select the 'Add a new time range' link. Users can also delete an existing time range by hovering over the time range and selecting the 'x'.

Step 4

Select the hours for your time range and click submit.


Step 5

Residents and staff can now select the Permission to enter option By Appointment with a Preferred Time.

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