Signing up for Resident Velocity Utility E-bill Statements in ActiveBuilding

Why wait for the mail to arrive when you can receive your Velocity utility bill electronically? Sing up for e-billing in your ActiveBuilding resident portal with these simple steps!

Step 1

Log on to your resident portal, by clicking on the Residents link on your marketing website or go directly to your ActiveBuilding website. 

Don't have a login yet? Sign up by clicking the 'New user? Get started now' link on the ActiveBuilding login page.


Step 2

To view Velocity Billing, the resident will select the ‘Make a Payment’ link under Quick Links then select ‘Velocity Billing’ from the Menu drop down.

Step 3

From the ‘Velocity Billing Statements’ tab, the resident can add their email in the upper right corner for monthly billing.

Step 4

From the ‘Billing Contact Information’ tab, the resident can choose how they would like their billing statement delivered. To edit billing preferences select ‘Edit’.

Step 5

To enroll in e-bill statements, select the ‘E-mail’ option. To save changes, select ‘Update’.

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